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Enigma is a B2B SaaS company providing data intelligence on SMB's (small and medium businesses) in the United States. Through experiences powered by the most robust SMB data set and data science, Enigma is telling the story of every small and medium business in America. This is especially critical today as COVID-19 has impacted millions of small and medium businesses through out the US and around the world. You can see this impact right outside your doorstep as you walk through your neighborhood and see many business permanently closed or trying to get back on their feet. SMB's are not only critical to our economy and contribute billions of dollars to the US GDP, but they are a major part of the social and cultural fabric of our neighborhoods and communities. To better serve them, companies and institutions needs to know the whole story of the SMB they are working with.


The Console provides a front-end user experience built on top Enigma's API and data set. It's where technical and non-technical users can go to do simple and complex operations such looking up a business, matching Engima's data against a business ID, doing batch match jobs against CSVs and more. The console is also used to manage individual and organization level accounts, billing, and permissions. Attribute Overview and Business Search

As we did a massive pivot to SMB data, became a critical surface to reintroduce who we are, what we do, the data and experiences we provide, how we do it, and why you should use engage with us. The site is primarily visited by buyers and evaluators from different companies who are looking for a SMB data provider.

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